Chronological Order………

Since this blog is about house construction

it only makes sense to me for the steps to

be in chronological order. The post are all

in the column on the left from beginning to end.




2 thoughts on “Chronological Order………

  1. Love the house build. My wife and I have been wanting to do this for awhile. We have 4 kids though and was wanting a 2-story post frame house. A 30×40 with a full front porch. We bought cheap from a friend 3.5 acres with a 30×45 pole barn and what’s left of a burned down house. I like your concrete foundation but I was going to do a traditional build putting the poles in the ground first, erecting building and then pouring the concrete last.

    • There are all kinds of ways to set the post in the ground. You can go straight into the ground, install plastic sleeves, or they make a similar post mount you set in concrete and then bolt the post to the mount. You can still do the acid stained concrete after you pour your floor.
      I am not sure how codes will look at setting the post in the ground for a house. Usually a house is required to have a continuous footing.

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