The Beginning………

Sometimes if you do not force your will things just work out. The spring of 2012 my son, Daniel, and I were looking for an old house in Martin Tn to purchase and rehab for a student rental. We could not find anything suitable. We stumbled up on a lot that already had septic and water for a decent price. The decision was made to buy the lot and build a small house. I am retired contractor of 16 years so I have seen my share of alternative building methods as well as your run of the mill construction methods. We determined we would build a post frame house that is a cross between a pole barn and a timber frame.  The project turned out well from a cost stand point and simple easy construction. It went well enough that I am building an investment property for my daughter using the same type of construction. However, this time I am trying a blog so if anyone is interested they can ask questions.



3 thoughts on “The Beginning………

  1. Hey I love it man. In fact a very dear buddy of mine (Jimmie) who has since passed away, was wanting to construct this type of building for his own home. I don’t know if you remember him but he actually helped Shannon and I on the framing of one of your homes in Orchard Park. I love the interior. The ceiling and all. I also liked the kitchen set up with the galvenized metal. Very cool. I will be in touch. Again very nice !

  2. I was wondering on the spacing of the post. Also did you guys use wood on the inside for added strength or would sheet rock be ok. I’ve got a couple acres and have looked into just about every alternative building method there is. This one looks to be one of the most time and cost effective. Looking to do as much myself as I can , hopefully resulting in becoming a debt free home owner.

    • The post are on 8ft o.c. for 2 reasons: lumber lengths inside and out & strength. It would help on the sheet rock (I do not like the mess of sheet rock the wood is finished when hung except for shellac) since it is 4ft wide less waste. If you did not wrap post you would just have 1 finish joints between the post if you trimmed next to the post. I built houses for years and this is cost effective and easy. We also put the truss on 2 ft center with metal roof. You must have some sort of vapor barrier between roof and attic because the metal will condense with weather changes hot to cold. Did you watch the video of my son and I on his house? It is very doable for you and another person to do all the framing except truss. My son’s house came in at $56 sq ft including land which was 11,000. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

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