Everything is Cleared Out……….

The old house is gone, we put up batter boards, excavated the footing, and poured the concrete. This is sort of where everything came to light and I saw some of the problems. The existing house was actually a mobile home that had a couple of bump outs built on the ends, roof added, and bricked. When the contractor did this he had a hole dug out and sort of set the trailer down in the hole bringing it closer to ground level. This left me with two choices. (1) Fill the hole with clay and rock, compact it, and dig the footing. (2) Step the footing down to the existing soil, lay the block, and fill the entire thing with limestone. Neither option was appealing or cost effective. I chose option 2. If  you click on the photo you can see the step down in this photo. I believe it was 2 feet. I used a lintel block to span between the upper and lower footing.




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