Framing Day 1…………..

This is one day of framing with 4 guys.  Everything went great.  The post brackets work like a charm.  Just set the post in,  plumb with a level inside to outside the building,  brace the post,  the brackets have  four holes for 1/4 inch screws,  put your screws in and they hold the post in place for permanent mounting.  As my wife will readily tell you   I am not one for following directions. The manufacture specifies drilling a hole all the way through the post and inserting a 1/2 inch bolt through the post from one side of the bracket to the other.  I think that is tricky at best and not really necessary, but probably some stronger than how I chose to mount the post.  I just take my handy dandy impact wrench I purchased and put in a 3 inch x 1/2 galvanized lag bolt in each of the 4 holes.  I think this is more than sufficient to anchor the post.   When installing the girts (horizontal 2 x 6’s) you can plumb your post the other direction.   Every now and then you will run into one of the post that is  swelled or a little larger for some reason,  just a couple of taps with a sledge usually sets the post on down.  If I had access to untreated post  (without ordering)  I probably would not use treated post inside the house.  The post are on the steel and not touching the concrete so there is no problem with codes.  The porch post are another matter with the exposure to the weather and sun.




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