The next step is the plumbing. This is something you can do yourself if the local codes allows it and you want to do the work. You have to lay out your baths, utility, and kitchen prior to the placement. Daniel and I did it on the first house, but this time since I was by myself I just did not have the energy. The company doing this laid in all the drains and then put a few pounds of air pressure on the lines (required by local code) to check for leaks. They ran 1 piece of blue 3/4 inch and 1 piece of  red 3/4 inch from the area where the water would enter the building over to the guest bath. All the other plumbing is located adjacent to where the water enters the building. All the other supply lines will run through the wall. Just a side note here to get the water in the building I put a sleeve in using 2 inch electrical conduit. This allows me to push a 3/4 inch pex water line in after the concrete is poured. It will also allow for water line replacement in the future if needed.

Now if I were building this house for me to live in I would consider the Pex radiant heat in the concrete. There are plenty of sources on-line to check this out. I have not researched it a great deal because I am not interested in using it in an investment property.




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