Ready for the Framers……….

We have the post brackets in place and are ready to begin framing. The post brackets we used are from Perma Column. There is a link to their site. These brackets worked well for us on Daniel’s house and I want to address my experience with a few thoughts and tips.

I installed the brackets by pulling a string on part of the slab and popping a chalk line on each end. I marked each bracket hole with a magic marker and drilled about a 5/16 pilot hole. With just me working this took about a 1/2 day. The next day two other guys came by and we spent about 3 hours (9 man hours) drilling and mounting the brackets.

I purchased the mounting hardware from Perma Column and the mounting bolts were 5/8 x 5 inch tap con style bolts. I did have some problems with the length of some of the bolts. Some I could not get to bottom out and on the back wall I hit re-bar before I could get deep enough.  It was not a problem just shortened the bolts about an inch and that took care of that. One of the best moves I made was purchasing an electric impact wrench from the local auto parts store. The wrench cost about $80 but probably saved enough man hours just mounting the brackets to pay for the wrench.


If you do not own a heavy-duty commercial grade hammer drill   RENT ONE . If you drill the concrete with a light weight drill it will take 2 or 3 times longer and work you to death.

If you do not own an electric impact wrench   BUY ONE.   The first house we put the tap cons in with a ratchet and socket. If my memory serves me correct it took a day and a half or two days. With the electric impact you cut that time to a few hours.

Post brackets in place.



The is a bracket for the corner post.




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