The Block Are In Place….

We got the block laid and as you can tell from the pic we were about 6 block high on the front and I wanted a minimum of 3 block high so that is what we have in the rear. Since the block was that high I had to core fill the front block with concrete because of the pressure put on the wall by all the rock. It took approximately an extra 70 tons of rock to fill the hole created by the trailer. That is approximately an extra $1500 in just rock plus the extra block and core filling. I am telling you this so if you are building check and double-check your site. No one likes these kind of gotchas.

The ideal site for this type of house would be up on a slight rise with a relatively level area for the house to sit. The topography of land can really fool you. Something can look fairly level and it can have 2 ft of fall from one end to the other. The best way to check it is with a transit or laser transit. Don’t have one? You can rent one most rental places.

If you go look at a possible lot for your house ,you stand where you would like the house, and every direction you look is up hill go ahead and leave you are just looking for water problems.

This type of construction is going to have cost variance based on the frost line of your area. The farther north you go the cost is going to rise. There are numerous web sites about constructing this type of foundation whether it be block like I used or a turned down slab. I have put a link in the right column under construction techniques with some info .





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