The Fun Part………..

We got the concrete poured and now the fun part of acid staining the concrete. This is one of the coolest things I have ever done in construction. This is so easy and it looks great and the cost is very low. This 1260 square foot slab took approximately $450 (what kind of finished floor can you get for $450) in materials. On Daniel’s house we used only 1 color and this slab we used a Moss Green as the primary color and Slate (which is darker) as an accent. There is a link to the company we purchased the stain from (on the right side of the home page) but there are numerous outlets for the stain. We used a high quality solvent based sealer. We put one coat on for now and will follow up with 1 or 2 more coats of sealer and then a coat of wax. The wax is the scuff coat.

Here are some pointers:

  1. You are not painting a car. Vary the amount you spray on various areas and this will give you variation like stone. Do not try to paint the concrete.
  2. I thought it worked well with me applying the primary color and Daniel applying the accents in a RANDOM manner, no pattern.
  3. The next day after applying the acid you will think you have made one huge mess. It is really ugly. When you roll on the sealer it will amaze you the floor comes alive looking like expensive stone.
  4. It is really, really, really good if you can find some concrete to practice on. They sell small sample kits and you can try several colors. I just taped off 2×2 foot squares with duct tape and tried several colors. The concrete cannot have had any kind of sealer applied.
  5. You cannot ever let the clear seal coat wear through (which would take a long time with house foot traffic). The acid color will then wear off and it will be ugly. The wax acts as a scuff coat and should be re applied when the floor gets scuffed up.

This is before sealer click on the pic to check out the ugly.



This is after the sealer, but pics do not do the floor justice.




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